Glynn Bird

Developer Advocate @ Cloudant

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Host-it-yourself RSS Reader built with Node.js & Cloudant. Host on Cloud, PC or Raspberry Pi.

GeoQuiz - Coming Soon

Celsius - Coming Soon


CouchDB/Cloudant command-line helper. Enables you to interact with Cloudant's HTTP API from the terminal without typing domain names, protocols, passwords, content-types etc.


Node.js library for interaction with Yubico's API. Enables your Node.js app to authenticate Yubikey tokens for access control.


A simple key/value cache layer using CouchDB/Cloudant as the storage mechanism. Useful if you have a Cloudant cluster to hand and don't want to maintain Memcache.

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A simple CSV import for CouchDB/Cloudant. Import structured text into NoSQL from the command-line